Amanda Jones has been working in the interior design and building industry for over 10 years. She has travelled extensively and created stylish homes in Wellington, London and Melbourne. Her most recent personal project involved converting two derelict Victorian flats into a stunning family home. Combining period finishes with practical, contemporary design has resulted in a magnificent residence.

When you’ve invested a lot of money in your home, you want to make sure your interior decorating decisions add even more value to your most important asset.

Amanda’s experience and ‘expert eye’ can save you time and money and ensure that you don’t make expensive decorating mistakes.

Amanda Jones Interiors has a library of all the latest finishes including benchtops, cupboards and a curated selection of paint colours. Her practice will do all the running around, product sourcing and negotiating for you, and with access to wholesale pricing on many items, value for money is assured. Often you will end up more than recouping the design consultation fees.